E-shop for publishers of digital content

The usual part of the Triobo services for publisher is the web e-shop for selling subscriptions. As part of the e-shop you can also offer complementary products.

Standard e-shop with subscriptions

Availability: included in all Triobo price tariffs with web reader application


  • Sale of digital and/or printed subscriptions including subscription bundles – packages of print + digital subscription and packages with gifts (subscription plus book etc.).
  • Sale of individual digital issues and packages of products.
  • Support for card payments (payment gateways Stripe, GoPay and optionally others). The payment gateway is always connected with the publisher’s account, Triobo does not operate as intermediary.
  • Zero commissions from sales (savings of 30 % in comparison to sales through Appstore or Google Play).
  • The customer can read immediately after purchase.
  • E-shop is based on the publisher’s web address (for example subscriptions.publisher.com).
  • Information regarding the orders are accessible in the publisher’s database (in Triobo editor), and furthermore, notifications are sent through e-mail.
  • Support for Google Tag Manager (for example for Google Analytics) and monitoring conversions by advertising campaigns.
  • Responsive design.

Extended e-shop, subscription and products

Availability: included in Triobo Professional price tariff with web reader application


  • All the features of the standard version of e-shop (see above).
  • Extended branding of the e-shop – own colors, own graphics in the heading, including hyperlinks, menu etc. Example below.
  • Sale of subscriptions and any other products – typically books, merchandising, products of friendly companies. All on one overview page.
  • The customer can freely combine subscription with products at his own choice in one order.
  • Unlimited number of transport services / postage options.
  • The option to define categories of products.
  • The publisher, that uses Triobo Kiosk (more magazines in one reader application / on one website), has individual set of subscriptions for every magazine. Products are common to all magazines.
  • Every product has its own URL for easy sharing.

Live example (in Czech): https://predplatne.forum24.cz.