press release: Thanks to triobo, weekly tablet magazine dotyk wins award for best tablet magazine

 Thanks to TRIOBO, weekly tablet magazine DOTYK wins renowned 2014 European Digital Media Award for Best Tablet Magazine


 On the night of April 8th, 2014: Editor-in-Chief Eva Hanáková and Publisher Michal Klima of “DOTYK, The First Tablet-Only Weekly Magazine”, attended the 2014 European Digital Media Awards, and took home the win for the Best Tablet Magazine. Thanks to TRIOBO digital publishing tool ( it was possible to create such an exceptional magazine.

TRIOBO is a user friendly digital publishing tool that allows publishers to design, create, and publish interactive digital content such as magazines, journals, one time publications, catalogs, etc. Publishing is available on Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Web. As seen in DOTYK Tablet Magazine, TRIOBO creates totally interactive publications with animations, photo galleries, clickable zones, audio, video, and much more.

WAN – IFRA, who hold the yearly European Digital Media Awards are the largest international media organization in the world. The organization which is made up of an Association of Newspapers and news publishers presents this infamous competition that was attended by 107 projects, and 48 registered publishing houses from 21 different countries; it is the highest in the history of the competition. Among the winners of other categories were also media outlets such as BBC and The Guardian. The best projects in the competition were selected by an international jury of 11 experts from publishing houses, consulting firms, universities, and other institutions from Europe and the United States.

TRIOBO Digital Publishing ( is delighted to take such a big role in the creation and success of DOTYK Tablet Magazine. With TRIOBO’s successes in the Czech Republic, the startup has been quickly expanding internationally above all odds, publishing the works of celebrated Chicago artist Marketa Sivek, as well as large tech companies like Intel. TRIOBO‘s software has exceeded expectations in the digital publishing world, simply because it provides options that its competitors are not able to offer. Publishers looking to publish digitally on tablets and smartphones easily, affordably, and interactively will find that Triobo presents a cutting-edge way to do this.

“Receiving first place in the prestigious international competition for the best European tablet magazine, announced by WAN-IFRA was given to DOTYK for presenting an extremely innovative publishing approach. Digital publishing solution TRIOBO, which powers our DOTYK magazine, allows such an approach. This is the reason why we had chosen it among tough international competition. I believe that a tablet magazine shouldn’t be just a static transcription of the printed version. A real tablet magazine should have multimedia elements in which for publishers I believe is very important. Therefore TRIOBO in my opinion represents the most suitable solution.” Notes DOTYK Weekly Publisher Michal Klima


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