VIDEO: In Triobo you may even make Goblins that react to each other

Triobo digital publishing can handle much more than just simple creation of interactive tablet magazines or catalogs. You can also work with real interactivity – create unique multimedia content without programming, when object A reacts to the behavior of object B. Perhaps when you smash a Goblin with your finger the Daisy flower responds to it with a sound and little jiggle.

In enclosed sample of interactive application (PF 2015) we have used such mutually interacting objects. Notice that squashing a print Goblin with your finger starts actions of other objects – the sound will play and starts the action of a hidden object Daisy.

Thanks to Triobo you can create complex interactive content for tablets and smartphones without any additional programming. Everything is done in user-friendly form; all you need is your imagination and graphic skills.

Video sample:

In PF 2015 from Triobo, where we have used mutually reacting objects, interactivity can be viewed on our web or as a sample publication in Triobo Reader.