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Websites designed using Triobo automatically use SSL

Chrome web browser will, starting with version 68 (that will be released in July 2018), mark all websites, that do not run using encrypted protocol HTTPS, as not secure. At the same time these websites will be at a disadvantage in Google search results.

We have prepared automatic implementation of encrypted protocol https for our customers as a benefit (for free). You do not have to concern yourself with anything, you do not even need to buy SSL certificate (approximate price of 17 USD / year for every website), we have arranged everything for you.

If you visit any website designed using Triobo, you will see a mention of encryption in the browser.

Triobo Portal: promoting your publications for Free

Our goal is to simplify the life of publishers and therefore we are helping them with marketing of their digital publications. Recently we have launched Triobo Portal (, where readers can browse through selected interactive publications powered by Triobo digital publishing. Continue reading

Sketch and doodle into your digital magazine or catalog

Do you love paper catalogs, simply because you can take notes or doodle on them whenever you like? Now, thanks to Triobo digital publishing and its Windows 10 reader, you can draw and highlight the interesting passages of digital publications. Easily, with your finger, on touch devices or with mouse on ordinary PCs,
Continue reading

Web export optimized also for Microsoft Edge

Triobo now fully supports Windows 10 – publishers may also place their interactive magazine or katalog as an application to Windows Store or export on the web as internet pages and maintain the complex design and full interactivity. As a part of this internet export, Triobo now fully supports the Microsoft Edge browser on all devices with touch and non touch screens. Continue reading

Road & Bike – a magazine for tablets & smartphones

Check out Road & Bike, tablet/ smartphone magazine which gives you the lowdown about all things road and mountain biking!

Of course made with Triobo digital publishing software.

Download Road & Bike for free: Apple iOS | Android | Web

Did you know that publishing on tablets and smart phones is very easy? Registration is free, including the ability to make your first issue and preview it on a real tablet.