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E-shop with publisher’s brand

The usual part of the Triobo services for publisher is the web e-shop for selling subscriptions. As part of the e-shop you can also offer complementary products.

Standard e-shop with subscriptions

Availability: included in all Triobo price tariffs with web reader application


  • Sale of digital and/or printed subscriptions including subscription bundles – packages of print + digital subscription and packages with gifts (subscription plus book etc.).
  • Sale of individual digital issues and packages of products.
  • Support for card payments (payment gateways Stripe, GoPay and optionally others). The payment gateway is always connected with the publisher’s account, Triobo does not operate as intermediary. Support for proforma invoices as card payments alternative.
  • Zero commissions from sales (savings of 30 % in comparison to sales through Appstore or Google Play).
  • The customer can read immediately after purchase.
  • E-shop is based on the publisher’s web address (for example subscriptions.publisher.com).
  • Information regarding the orders are accessible in the publisher’s database (in Triobo editor), and furthermore, notifications are sent through e-mail.
  • Support for Google Tag Manager (for example for Google Analytics) and monitoring conversions by advertising campaigns.
  • Responsive design.

Extended e-shop, subscription and products

Availability: included in Triobo Professional price tariff with web reader application


  • All the features of the standard version of e-shop (see above).
  • Extended branding of the e-shop – own colors, own graphics in the heading, including hyperlinks, menu etc. Example below.
  • Sale of subscriptions and any other products – typically books, merchandising, products of friendly companies. All on one overview page.
  • The customer can freely combine subscription with products at his own choice in one order.
  • Unlimited number of transport services / postage options.
  • The option to define categories of products.
  • The publisher, that uses Triobo Kiosk (more magazines in one reader application / on one website), has individual set of subscriptions for every magazine. Products are common to all magazines.
  • Every product has its own URL for easy sharing.

Live example (in Czech): https://predplatne.forum24.cz.

Subscriber gateway (publisher’s e-shop)

With Triobo digital publishing publishers also have an easy way of selling subscription on the web worked out, including instant payment using credit card. Money goes straight to the bank account of the publisher, Triobo is not an intermediary. Sales are not limited only to digital products, the solution supports also the sale of subscription to printed magazines. Continue reading