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Marketing & Media: digital version powered by Triobo

Digital version of Czech prestigious industry magazine Marketing & Media (MAM) is powered by Triobo. MAM is a weekly magazine, so the publisher decided to work with imported PDFs.

Readers can read on the web and via mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android.

Marketing & Media takes Triobo advantages: free preview pages and searching feature (even in titles what wasn’t purchased yet). There is also an archive sorted into groups (by years). Digital vouchers (for free subscriptions or selected magazine issues) are also suitable for marketing purposes.

An integral part of Triobo services is the publisher’s e-shop for selling not only digital versions but also printed subscriptions incl. bundles, combined subscriptions like print + digital and special VIP type of subscription. E-shop of Marketing & Media magazine is available at

Digital publishing: new opportunity for PR agencies

Are you PR manager looking for a new business opportunities? Digital publishing is one of the solutions. Below you can find presentation from PR point of view focused on showcases (with links), possibilities and opportunities. Clickable links to references and more information are included.
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Triobo Portal: promoting your publications for Free

Our goal is to simplify the life of publishers and therefore we are helping them with marketing of their digital publications. Recently we have launched Triobo Portal (, where readers can browse through selected interactive publications powered by Triobo digital publishing. Continue reading

A fresh batch of references just arrived to Triobo!

Let your tablet dance with new interactive reading of tablet magazines. Thanks to multimedia features of #Triobo digital publishing, some new titles from prestigious publishers such as Masooo! (BURDA Media 2000) have been recently added. The most current clickable list with selected magazine references can be also found on Triobo web.
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VIDEO: In Triobo you may even make Goblins that react to each other

Triobo digital publishing can handle much more than just simple creation of interactive tablet magazines or catalogs. You can also work with real interactivity – create unique multimedia content without programming, when object A reacts to the behavior of object B. Perhaps when you smash a Goblin with your finger the Daisy flower responds to it with a sound and little jiggle.
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