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What TRIOBO Single publications can actually do for you?

Your multimedia newsletter or catalog, unlike its printed version, becomes interactive and tempting communication tool. 

Modern mobile tablets and smartphones with touchscreens allow us to do more than just ordinary converting of printed materials into plain PDFs. With TRIOBO Single you give your work a boost with interactive features and raise it up to another dimension.
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Triobo’s unique types of digital publications – Interactive catalogs

Aside from general Interactive Digital Magazines (multi issue apps) for tablets and smartphones, Triobo software is also a great tool for designing and publishing of Interactive Digital Catalogs.

Live Catalog means always up-to-date product portfolio, prices and special offers. It is cool, it is interactive and user-friendly!
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Triobo Version 3.0 – Undo, clipboard, versioning…

We have prepared a new version of Triobo editor – and because it brings a lot of ground-breaking news, we have decided to name it Triobo 3.0. From today you can use in our web editor the features that are normally known from desktop applications, such as the option to return the last step back (Undo), or use the clipboard to copy and transfer any objects.

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