Triobo Version 3.0 – Undo, clipboard, versioning…

We have prepared a new version of Triobo editor – and because it brings a lot of ground-breaking news, we have decided to name it Triobo 3.0. From today you can use in our web editor the features that are normally known from desktop applications, such as the option to return the last step back (Undo), or use the clipboard to copy and transfer any objects.

In this post we will briefly introduce all news to you:

  • Undo / redo – you can go back and eventually forward when necessary. There are keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Shift + Z (OS X users use “their” shortcut Cmd + Z and Cmd + Shift + Z)
  • Work with clipboard – any object (or group) can be copied or cut to clipboard and then pasted anywhere. Virtually anywhere: to the same page, another page, another article or another publication. You can even embed an object inside of a group (or conversely remove the object from group). You can use familiar shortcuts Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V (on OS X again use the Cmd key)
  • Versioning – anytime you save the article (Ctrl + S, on OS X again the Cmd + S), a new version is created. Versions are continuously deleted: during the first minute they remain all, during the first hour at most one is kept for every minute, during the first day no more than one for each hour and each following day just one version remains, and this continues up to ten days.
  • The order of objects – when you click to change the order of object with Shift key, the object is moved completely forward or back. Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + arrow Up / Down are also extended with option Ctrl + Shift + arrow up / down. (On OS X, use the Cmd instead of Ctrl key.)
  • Work with floating images – when you have a floating image in your text, you can change the order with arrows and move them up and down within the text. You can also remove them using the Del key.
  • Floating images may newly contain the “On tap” action
  • Ruler now appears always visible
  • When you need to select an object that is covered by another one, hold down the Ctrl key (Cmd on OS X) and you can sequentially select the lower and lower objects. If you want to move the object, follow these steps: let’s suppose that you have already selected the uppermost object. Press and hold Ctrl (Cmd), click and hold down the mouse button – the object beneath it is marked now – while you have the mouse button still pressed, you can move the object with the mouse.
  • Photo gallery now beside the photo description you are allowed to define the title of image. In article setting you can independently define the style used for headings and the style used for descriptions.
  • The article settings can affect the behavior on tablets: ban zooming andoption to restore the position in article where reader had left the article last time. We are also preparing additional functions that you already see in your settings, but this will require another reader version (we are just finalizing it, so be patient for a few more days)
  • Newly at sound startup with a button (either the default one or your own drawn button) all other sounds on page are turned off
  • Video frame is now always adjusted according to the side aspect ratio of the video. Furthermore, there are available buttons 1: 1 and 1: 1 HD, which set the frame size according to the video source (or half size, so the video is in HD resolution for retina displays). Newly when generating the video preview an image that you have set as “preceding the video” (poster) is used automatically
  • Object handles are now always above of all objects, even though the object itself is covered
  • When working with objects inside of group all other objects outside this group do not stop you from working, even if they are up in front – you can click through them with mouse