Press release: The new generation of Digital Publishing is on the market

Triobo ( is a new user friendly tool for designing and publishing fully interactive digital magazines, single issue publications, or interactive catalogs for tablets and smart phones – Apple iOS, Android 4.0, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the web.

Thanks to Triobo technology (HTML5) it significantly exceeds tools based on PDF formatting. This new solution works with all data (text, images, etc.) in its natural form, with full interactivity, and registration is free for publishers. 

Triobo delivers unprecedented comfort for publishers in the preparation and distribution of digital content. Publishers using the visual publishing editor Triobo, will find Interactive options, variable objects, galleries, animations, videos etc. The publishing reader for proofing and final published magazines is always under the brand name of the publisher. Triobo is available to publishers of all sizes.

Triobo Highlights:

  • Complex all-in-one solutionall publisher needs, free registration, no necessary installation.
  • You get a fully interactive digital publicationnot a typical PDF publication.
  • Multiplatform digital publishing is available, just create once and publish on Apple iOS, Android (tablets and smartphones of all display resolutions), Amazon Kindle, and web.
  • The content is always in HD with low data volume, internal use of HTML5 format results in maximal saving of data volume.
  • Publish with publisher’Appstore, Google Play and Amazon publishing accounts. 
  • Push notifications are available, and can also be also sent to readers who have not yet downloaded the latest issue.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail sharing are available within the published content.
  • Readers Zone allows for the identification of readers.

Triobo images and logo download:
For more information and references visit:  (@triobo)