Triobo supports Windows 10

Since October 2015 publishers may also publish their interactive digital publications on ordinary computers, tablets and smartphone with Windows 10 OS.

Multiplatform Triobo

Once issued publications may be accessible without further modifications to readers with Apple, Android, Windows 10, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and smartphones, but also to users with conventional PCs with mouse and touch screen (Windows 10) and thanks Triobo web export also to readers on the Internet (all actual browsers incl. Edge).


Windows with mouse and touch screen

Triobo reader for Windows 10 loves touch screen (tablet or computer with touch screen), but is also quite happy with traditional mouse – in such case readers will see highlighted side arrows, which scroll left or right. In addition we support scrolling with arrow keys on the keyboard.

When reading publications the menu with previews may be opened using three dots icon button at the top right. With this menu, you may also get an overview of all issues.

Users may freely reduce or enlarge the reader screen on their computers, according to their taste.


Live demonstration is the best

Try reading a tablet magazine Dotyk on Windows 10. Find is directly in Windows Store from which you may download it FREE of charge.


Publishers need to be prepared

As with other platforms, with Windows you have to establish a publisher account. This can be arranged directly with Microsoft on a special web page. Expect to pay with credit card and also the approval process will take several days.