Version 2.1 – A professional mixing of colors and sources under control

Currently released version 2.1 brings an entirely new dialog to work with colors. We have listened to your requests concerning copying of articles and as a result we have much more control over the entire process.

The dialog for work with colors now includes more tools for mixing: either the dropper with traditional “rainbow”, or by entering the values in various models. We have kept the option to insert colors as RGB and CMYK, however much more intuitive is to use the HSB model – (Hue, Saturation and Brightness). Using a dropper in the horizontal direction corresponds to hue and the vertical to saturation. Brightness then affects the overall darkness up to black.

Web entering of colors in hexadecimal format can be newly entered in abbreviated form, using three characters. These are then automatically translated to six characters exactly how it happens in CSS and HTML. For example the color f80 is broken down to ff8800 as a rich orange.

There is also the Triobo palette with the 90 most commonly used shades beyond the “rainbow”.

Of course the most practical is to add colors to palette in individual issue. This new palette can be better organized now: you may not only delete the colors, but also to change their order. Find more information in the article Colors and their settings.

Article copying

When copying an article you have much more control over the palette of colors, styles and used sources. Copying to the identical issue, you may now control which resources are copied and which will remain linked to the original sources. Copying to different issue, you can specify whether the source palette or source styles will be copied to the target issue or not, or whether the target values will be overwritten.