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New options of custom design for apps and web reader

The creators of digital apps and web sites based on Triobo no longer have to restrict themselves only to the changes in colorfulness and background design while designing the main screen of the app, but can also modify the depiction of publications.

Typical usage of digital publishing Tribo are digital magazines and catalogues. For these instances the common listing with covers of individual issues is suitable.

Different example: the author of business apps designated for business representatives can for example create the following design, still with the covers being shown:

Newly the designer of the digital app can fully hide the listing with covers on publications and instead come up with his own design from the ground up. On the teaser below you can see icons, but equally any interactive elements, animations, video … can be used, all being designed in the visual editor Triobo without programming.

Live teaser can be seen on website and in apps for Android and Apple iOS.

The graphic designer can configure if the individual issue is opened directly on the main page (this can be useful for one-page presentation materials) or on the page with issue details. The possibility to change the language version of the app can be used as well, and one can paint for example his own flags, alternative to the base language selector.

The guide on how to design the main screen of the app can be found in Triobo Knowledge Base.