Experience: Martin Vlach about Triobo digital publishing software

Would you like to know the practical experience of  designer who routinely uses Triobo? Magpla.net focused on a digital publishing business posted article Martin Vlach about Triobo.

Magpla.net: The main question. Who is Triobo’s target audience?(huge publishing houses or corporations or small agencies)?

Martin Vlach: Simply said: Triobo is for anyone who wants to publish on mobile platforms. It does not matter whether it is one-time publication, journal or publishing portal; it does not matter whether it is a transfer from a print to digital or interactive tablet title that is created from scratch. Creating digital publications is easy, but it requires a bit of empathy and courage to try new things. This is really simple to use tool and yet it offers very much. In addition to publishing on all platforms including the web, Triobo also provides specialties such as vouchers so publishers are able to provide free digital subscription to print subscribers. Triobo is custom made not only to “one man show” publishers, but also to large publishing houses or advertising agencies.

You can try Triobo free of charge – just register to our digital publishing solution and take your own test drive. No credit card is required.