Press release: Triobo Digital Publishing Software, DPS Alternative

Triobo ( is a user friendly tool for designing and publishing fully interactive digital magazines, single issue publications, or interactive catalogs for tablets and smart phones – Apple iOS, Android 4.0, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the web.

Thanks to Triobo technology (HTML5) it significantly exceeds tools based on PDF formatting such as DPS and other similar digital publishing platforms. This new solution works with all data (text, images, etc.) in its natural form, with full interactivity, and registration is free for publishers.

Triobo‘s software has exceeded expectations in the digital publishing world, simply because it provides options that its competitors are not able to offer, or only to a limited extent. Publishers looking to publish digitally on tablets and smartphones easily, affordably, and interactively will find that Triobo presents a cutting-edge way to do this through offering clickable zones, real animations, variable objects, photo galleries, audio/video, and much more. Triobo is an easy to use “all in one” publishing solution for the design and production of truly interactive digital publications. There is no need for any programmers, all you needed is your creativity.

Triobo transcends DPS and other competitor platforms in multiple practical and technical ways:

  • A truly interactive digital publication – not just typical PDF with clickable zones, real animations, variable objects etc. (see short video) – all made thanks to Triobo, no external software
  • No software licenses needed, and registration is free -Triobo is based on the principle of SaaS, no initial payments, and no risk for you
  • Instant previews – You are able to preview during your work process on the screen, or on your tablet.
  • True multi-platform digital publishing – create just once and publish on Apple iPad/iPhone, Android, Amazon Kindle, and web.
  • Total and absolute Android support (4.0 or higher) – use tablets AND smartphones of all resolutions, without the necessary layout changes or special exports.
  • SEO-friendly web export – export of your publications with full interactivity for pure HTML5 webpages.
  • Content is always in HD with low data volume – internal use of HTML5 format, with maximum data saving, and vector-based texts (your fonts)
  • Automatic optimization of HD content – maximum quality for all types of tablets and smartphones (all resolutions)

Triobo is unique in the way that it offers publishers detailed reader’s statistics for articles and issues. Thanks to Triobo you’ll know everything about readers and their usage. Use coupons (Reader’s zone) as an alternative to subscriptions and unit sales. Reader’s Zone allows publisher to save on AppStore Google Play commission. Compared to DPS and other digital publishing tools Triobo delivers unprecedented comfort for publishers in the preparation and distribution of digital content.


Watch a quick Triobo Introduction video.

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