Adobe DPS alternative

If you want to publish digitally for tablets and smartphones and are looking for an alternative to Adobe DPS, Triobo digital publishing software is a great place to start. Triobo is an easy to use “all in one” publishing solution for the design and production of truly interactive digital publications. There is no need for programmers, all you need is your creativity.

Why Triobo is the best Adobe DPS alternative?

Simply because Triobo provides options that Adobe DPS either does not offer at all, or only offers to a limited extent. The following are important features of Triobo digital publishing that you should know about:

Great possibilities, fair prices


Powerful basecamp

  • A truly interactive digital publication – see video
    | not just typical PDF with clickable zones, but real animations, real interactivity, variable objects etc.
  • You don’t need any sort of software license, and registration is free
    | Triobo is based on the SaaS principle, no initial payments, and zero risk
  • Instant previews
    | You are able to preview your work progress directly on the screen, or on your tablet


Once you create, distribute everywhere

  • True multi-platform digital publishing
    | create just once and publish on Apple iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows 10, Amazon Kindle, web…
  • Total and absolute Android support (4.0 or higher)
    | use tablets AND smartphones of all resolutions, without any layout changes or special exports
  • SEO-friendly web export
    | export of your publications with full interactivity, and pure HTML5 webpages


Maximum visual quality

  • Content is always in HD with low data volume
    | internal use of HTML5 format, with maximum data saving, and vector-based texts (your fonts)
  • Automatic optimization of HD content
    | maximum quality for all types of tablets and smartphones (all resolutions)


Know your readers, reward your readers

  • Detailed reader’s statistics – for articles of issues
    | thanks to Triobo you’ll know everything about your reader usage. Read more.
  • Coupons (promotional codes) as an alternative to subscriptions and unit sales
    | use Reader’s Zone to save on AppStore / Google Play commission – read more.


Triobo’s unique types of digital publications

Aside from the general interactive digital magazines (multi-issue apps), catalogues, and single-issue publications for tablets and smartphones, Triobo provides:

  • Digital magazines with the option to use Reader’s Zone
    | issues are repeatedly published + vouchers/ and reader identification
  • Publishing portal with an optional „private section“
    | typically a set of catalogs + private content including a password

Triobo is a true multi-platform solution: Apple iOS (iPad & iPhone), Android (tablets & smartphones), Windows 10 (computers, tablets and phones), Amazon Kindle Fire and web.