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Catch the readers I. (promotion of free digital publications)

This text deals with the promotion of digital publications, that are available to the readers free of charge. Do not expect, that readers will come by themselves, you have to “meet them”. Be sure to do at least couple of basic things, as mentioned below.

Digital publications marketing is made fundamentally easier thanks to their web form – that is why we definitely recommend using not just mobile applications, but also the web reader application Triobo (web platform).

Work with browsers

We disclose full texts of your free of charge publications, with respective hyperlinks to corresponding pages of digital publications, to internet browsers. This, however, is by itself not enough:

1. Make sure you use attractive web addresses (at least) for selected articles in your publication (how to do it?).

2. Keep watch on having (at least) your key articles attractively named: „Page 10“ is a bad example, „Interview with Bono Vox“ is much better. The name of the articles is automatically copied into the parameters of the browser (TITLE) and search engines love it.

3. Be sure to fill in the publication specification in the editor. The browsers will see it, as well as the readers in the left column under the envelope. Usually, titles from the first page of the magazine are used, however, feel free to let your imagination run wild. Separate the individual points between themselves for example by using the character „|“. If you wish to structure the specification into short paragraphs, you can use the <br><br> tags in the specification (we however do not recommend this).


4. The same as for any other web, as far as browsers are concerned, applies also to digital publications on web – do not forget backlinks.

Care for your readers

Create an attractive simple web page on your web, that will contain hyperlinks to mobile application for Apple, Android and even hyperlink for direct reading through web without the necessity to install anything.

Do keep in mind, that for the sake of sharing the web page should be as simple as possible, such as for example www.company.com/magazine. This web address can be then simply used even in offline promotion.

Use links from your other webs

Do not forget to link to the interesting pages of your magazine (or the digital magazine as a whole) from your other webs – you most certainly have a company web, maybe even e-shop and blog. All these places can be useful for using links.

Emphasize, that the digital version of your magazine also contains the full archive with the option to search.

For links, the option to use a trivial listing preview of the digital magazine, which is easy to get working, can also be useful. It can afterwards look something like this:

Share on social networks

This closely relates to the previous points. Share links to the specific pages of your digital publication (or to specific pages, if the magazine was created using PDF import). Do invest your time into properly setting up sharing for Facebook.

Remind yourself

Keep sending push notification, that you can even target in some ways thanks to Triobo. Find the appropriate frequency, do not exaggerate it with the frequency.

Do not forget print

Same as it is necessary to propagate digital versions through links from other pages, it is important to remember even the propagation in your printed magazine or in your company (printed) flyers. An advert to your digital magazine is, in contrast to direct links on web, mainly image based. Because of that, focus on emphasizing these points:

  1. a complete archive with search option is available (whereas printed publications are rarely kept for further use)
  2. the digital version is available sooner than a printed one in mailbox (if possible, publish the digital version at the same time as sending press-ready print files for manufacturing)
  3. and do not forget to visibly state your web address, see “Care for your readers” section. The web address may link straight to the web reader of your publication or to a signpost containing a link to the web reader and links for downloading mobile applications, as we discussed above.