Subscriber gateway (publisher’s e-shop)

With Triobo digital publishing publishers also have an easy way of selling subscription on the web worked out, including instant payment using credit card. Money goes straight to the bank account of the publisher, Triobo is not an intermediary. Sales are not limited only to digital products, the solution supports also the sale of subscription to printed magazines.

The usual offer includes the subscription to digital, printed and combined product – subscription to printed magazine and digital version together for a special price (bundle). Furthermore, it is possible to define any other type of subscription with a special gift, services etc. – for example VIP subscription to Revue Forum.

For payments the payment gateway Stripe or GoPay is being used. The publisher only signs an agreement with the provider of the payment gateway and can immediately start with sales.

Notifications about purchases are sent by e-mail to the publisher’s address. All information is collected to standalone database, to which the publisher has access anytime, including the option to generate distribution lists for sending printed copies to individual subscribers.

If the reader buys digital subscription, he can instantly use his e-mail address to log in to the web or to the magazine application (Apple, Android, Windows 10) and immediately read.

Everything operates on the internet address according to the will of the customer – for example

The payment gateway from Triobo supports also sales of individual digital issues on web reader application.

Předplatitelská brána (e-shop) powered by Triobo