Version 2.1.3 – Scheduled and improved notifications

Scheduled notifications appeared already in the previous version, but this time we further tuned up the details and added new functions. Notification are allowed to be sent on devices running iOS and also Android. In both cases you see the summary with number of registered devices.
Registered device is such device where the reader allows sending notifications (applies to iOS) and hasn’t uninstalled his applications. Unfortunately, it can’t be determined whether the reader has or doesn’t have sending of such notifications in particular application permitted – if he later forbids them, the messages are received from our point of view (only they are thrown away on his device).

Notification can be in Triobo scheduled (or sent immediately). You may schedule a message for example to be sent the following morning. The list of scheduled messages is checked on server every 10 minutes.

You can target all readers, or select one of the following modes:

  • Didn’t download latest issue – the message will be delivered only to those readers who have not yet downloaded latest issue
  • Didn’t use the reader at least N days – the message will be delivered only to those readers who have not used the application for a longer time (number of days can be set)

Other modes are meaningful only for iOS (as they relate to the subscription that we do not have implemented on the Android) and applies only to readers with the latest version of the reader (TA15):

  • Hasn’t subscribed yet – the message will be delivered only to those who don’t have a subscription (also free subscription)
  • His subscription has expired – the message will be delivered to those who once had a subscription, however it expired and they hasn’t extended it
  • His subscription will expire during N days – you can set the interval in days

Since the version 2.1.1 we support multilingual publications: in such case, you can also filter to which readers the notification will be delivered depending on the language you have selected.

If you want to test a notification, you can choose the restriction of IP addresses: it will be automatically pre-filled for the one that is just connecting to the Triobo editor.

In all cases, within few minutes you will find out to how many devices the message will be delivered.

The delivery time is specified in UTC (i.e., present time minus two hours, so if you want to send the message at 9 am our time, set the counter for 7:00:00).

Other news of this version

We have added the option to set the border style: besides the full line there is also dotted, dashed and double. With paragraphs you can newly set the inner indentation. This allows you to create interesting frames as a part of the common text – using this style, therefore quickly and easily. The following picture shows you a single text frame. Its left inner indentation is set to 200, which forms a free left column. The colored “shout” is the style that has a left margin set at -200 and uses the top and bottom outer and inner indent and a margin.