Channels for push notifications

We have added new options of targeting push notifications. Triobo now, above and beyond current options, provides the publisher with defining so called notification channels.

When sending notification, it is possible to choose specific channel. Readers have the opportunity to turn some of the notifications channels in their reader application off.

Possible usage? For example the channel “news” in the case of TV provider magazine, where information about new releases of the magazine will be sent, and then, for instance, channel “TV tips”, where tips for interesting shows will appear.

Or different situation: the publisher, that uses Triobo Kiosk and publishes more individual magazines in one application, defines mutual notification channels for thematically related groups of magazines. As can be seen in the picture below.

By the way, Apple forbids the use of notifications for advertisements of third parties, but nothing prevents sending commercial offers of the publisher. And, so the reader is not bothered, it is possible to send these offers using the notification channel “commercial announcements” that can be turned off.

The function is available to the customers with Triobo Professional or Triobo Kiosk tariffs.