Multi-issue apps in price from $599 per year

Triobo digital publishing respects the requirements of digital agencies and publishers. It offers the creation of multi-issue apps such as tablet interactive magazines, and publication portals starting from $49.90 per month ($599 per year).

Theres no need to buy any software licences. Simply register free of charge and enjoy your test drive with full capabilities of modern digital publishing. In the end you can have your own interactive multi-issue apps like magazines, catalogues etc., which is only a fraction of the price of Adobe DPS.

Triobo offers you the possibility of truly interactive digital publications:

Don’t miss the list of benefits for you and your clients: Triobo is a great Adobe DPS alternative.

The Triobo team is looking forward to help you increase your revenue based on digital publishing activities. Try Triobo free and enjoy digital publishing to the max.